Bi Fold Ramps – Single fold & Full width rear ramps for trailers

What ramps do you need on your trailer? Midland carries a full range of Bi-fold, Single Fold and Full-Width Rear Ramps for your trailer.

Bi Fold Ramps – Single fold & Full width rear ramps for trailers

Bi fold ramps

Very popular option for those loading machines with very little clearance or struggle to gain traction on steel for example steel drum rollers. Our standard bi-fold ramps come in 4m or 4.8m in length and 900mm or 1100mm wide. With a small beavertail on airbag suspension, you will easily achieve a 9dgree loading angle which is what you need when moving asphalt profilers also great for doing recovery work when using a winch.

  • Extra-low loading angle (down to 9dgree)
  • Great for machines that don’t have much clearance
  • Great for asphalt and road seals crews
  • Rated up to 55t
  • Heavier than single-fold ramps increase’s the tare weight of your trailer

Single Fold Ramps

Standard single-fold ramps are also a great option when you a tare weight conscious and loading larger heavier machines such as tracked excavators and loaders that have plenty of ground clearance and not so easily damaged when loading onto a trailer. They come in a range of options from 15t rated to 55t rated, 2850mm to 3200mm is a common length and you can still achieve a loading angle of 14degees or less.

The widths vary from 800mm to 1200mm depending on your circumstance, if you are loading forklifts or smaller steel drum rollers you may need wider ramps to ensure the gap between the two ramps isn’t too wide.

  • Lower tare weight
  • Better wearing over time
  • Excellent for steel tracked or large rubber-tyred equipment
  • Rated up to 55t
  • 14degree loading angle
  • Higher travel height when in the vertical position
Single Fold Ramps
16 Full Width Rear Ramps

Full-Width Rear Ramps

Full width or extra-wide rear ramps are used commonly for multi tyred rollers and other smaller track width equipment like forklifts. They are a great option to maximise your efficiency when loading lots of smaller rubber tyred or rubber track gear.

  • Excellent for narrow tracked machines
  • Maximise efficiency when loading multiple smaller items
  • Not generally rated for machines over 20t
  • Will create a lot of wind drag unless you use the grip mesh finish as pictured