BRK Excavation Customer Profile

Midland recently manufactured a trailer for BRK Excavation. We caught up with Ben to share his experience.


I’m Ben from BRK Excavations. Based in Maddingley, which is a suburb of Bacchus Marsh. In 2008 I bought my first little 3 tonne excavator and tiny little truck.

We’ve now got 6 diggers ranging between that 3 tonner and 20 tonne. The roller and a couple of bobcats.

And a little box grader that goes in front of the track skid steer. Most of our work is Civil work and then any private work that anyone wants us to do. Basically due to the infrastructure boom in Victoria, and the amount of time we had to spend waiting for floats to move the the bigger machines.

We have done our calculations towards the end of last year and decided it that was time for get a float so we could utilise our machines better by getting them on site quicker.

How was your experience dealing with Midland?


We tried several other brands and I think everyone is really busy at the moment. The efficiency in returning of the phone calls and the whole process through Midland was probably 70% better than everyone else.

Just really good to deal with, easy to deal with, very efficient and after we drove up and had a look at the factory, the trailers that were being built at the time, we were blown away by the quality and the process then decided to order this.

& the Functionality? 


I haven’t had one before so I haven’t got anything to compare it to, but as far as how it suits what we do, it’s fantastic.

At the start we were making sure we put the chains up to top so it didn’t slide down. But you can’t see anything, there’s not even a tiny scratch, the chain do not mark the powercoating at all, which we were pretty blown away by.

So it’s good, it will make it look good for longer. You’re onto a good thing.

BRK Excavation services a wide area of western Victoria including the suburbs of Melbourne to Ballarat, Geelong, Bendigo and everything in between. They are a family run business and specialise in all types of domestic and commercial excavation and landscaping needs.