How do you sandblast your trailers?

Here at Midland trailers, we get asked how our sandblasting process work, do we do it on-site? Or do we just etch prime and powder coat?

The short answer is NO we don’t etch prime and powder coat like some of the other trailers in the market, who use a wet spray finish. We complete our trailers in our facility here in Parkes they are then transported to our Powder coaters in Cowra.

The sandblasting process is undertaken in a dedicated sandblasting room just before the zinc undercoat is applied, this is to ensure the surface does not being to rust.

There are many different grades or classes of sandblasting we sandblast every trailer to class 2 1/2 or near white finish to ensure all the millscale and rust is removed and we have a perfect surface to seal with our undercoat.

Sandblast your Trailers
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What is the class of blast?

Class of Blast is the degree of removal of rust, millscale and other visual contaminants from the steel substrate when inspected without magnification.

See more detail here.

Why do we sandblast Midland Trailers to this grade?

We sandblast all our trailers to this class to ensure we have a clean profiled surface to apply our zinc undercoat to, this helps to seal the steel. Every house needs a good foundation without sandblasting to this degree your surface coat could be compromised and you may get some premature under surface rust, you may have seen large flaking areas of paint when using 2 pack this is due to poor preparation.

When buying a Midland Trailer this is a standard practise that will not be compromised in our build, it will ensure your trailer will maintain it’s superior look for many many years to come, whether it be emulsion from your multi tyred rollers or your asphalt profiler you can ensure that your new Midland trailer is built using the correct techniques and built to last!

Sandblast Trailers