How you save by investing in a Midland Trailer

  • Designed and Engineered to perform at maximum capacity for years to come.

  • Stays looking great and rust free longer….for a better resale value. 

  • Designed with accessibility and serviceability in mind.

  • Battery pack, lighting replacement, access to toolboxes all made easier with our design.

  • Upgrade items cost less. Save on items that you need for a lower upgrade cost

Why Midland is a Better Investment

Ask yourself which of the following cost savings can you really afford to accept to get a “cheaper trailer”

The cost savings in the middle column are well visible with the “low-end manufacturers” who’s appeal is limited to a cheaper price.

However, these do come with risks that MIDLAND will not compromise on. Risks to your reliability, serviceability and resale value – see below.

No MIDLAND STANDARDS Can you really afford these cost savings? Risks to Strength & Performance
1 5mm Checker-plate or Hi grade BISALLOY HI- STRENGTH STEEL Cheaper to use 3mm and lower grade steel. Lower thickness will buckle deck under hi loads.
2 Checker-plate top deck seam welded full length Spot weld saves time Lower bonding strength
3 32mm SHS box section underbody support full length of deck No support directly under deck saves time and cost Lower thickness will buckle deck under hi loads.
4 Fully Integrated chassis Weld on cross members and step downs to save time and cost Chassis flex and damage over rough roads and potholes is a possibility that should be avoided
5 Chassis Flanges 1400 Pressed to follow chassis rails Cheaper to use smaller flanges and cut the flange to follow the rails. Reduce strength at point of highest load bearing
6 Chassis “I” Beam height 450mm & 8mm thick. Cheaper to use 250mm – 310mm Chassis flex and load capacity is reduced
7 Sandblasted prior to coating Do not sandblast Smooth coverage on all surfaces not possible to make paint stick and prevent rust
8 Poly ZINC Undercoat No undercoat saves time & cost, need for re-spray with in years Paint will not be as resistant to stone chips and wear and tear.
9 Electric Charge Power-coating applications guarantees full coverage to prevent rust and keep trailer looking great.

Trailer than baked in an oven to harden the finished surface. Points 7-9 cover 4 processes

Hand spray instead of powder-coating Coverage not possible in hard to get at areas – this means rust will occur.