New Midland Quad Axle Low Loader

Equipped with the new Wabco EBS system which includes an electronic raise/lower valve and two lift axles!

If you’re needing to shift a payload that’s over 35 tonnes or more, our custom-built low loaders are designed to fulfill your needs.

What is a low loader?

Featuring a lower main bed that sits near the ground, these options are specifically made to move cargo that may be of a more unusual height. This flexibility gives you the opportunity to shift around your load, no matter the height and weight, with a design that’s specifically made for these settings.

Additionally, the gooseneck featured on these options allow the platform on the trailer to not sit completely flat; due to this, they’re suitable for transporting loads that are higher.

If you’re not sure if this product is the best choice for your needs,  get in touch with our team to find out more. We’re always more than happy to guide you in the right direction – call 1300 301 570 now.