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TAG TRAILERS – Bogie and Tri Axle Trailers

Midland Trailers are manufactured to your needs and according to government regulations. All Midland Tag Trailers are designed and manufactured in Australia with the highest quality. We offer a 2 Year Warranty on all structural issues.

Bogie Axle Tag Trailers

Bogie Trailers

Tri Axle Tag Trailers

Tri Axle Tag Trailers


  • 2 year warranty – All structural issues are covered by warranty

  • Sandblasted, Poly Zin Undercoat and Powder Coated Finish – Guaranteed 99.9% Coverage, Prevents rusting, Will outlast 2 pac paint, Large range of colours available.

  • Fully Fabricated and Integrated Chassis – Prevents cracking

  • Universal Mounting for Toolbox and Power Pack – Easy to add or change the position of the Tool box and Power pack

  • Stress Test and Deflection – Midland trailers are designed and engineered to the highest standards utilising the latest analysis software. Every trailer is fully +3D modelled and critical components are stress tested to ensure years of trouble free service.